Music Club MCCD388 (1999)

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(Music Club MCCD388)

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A collection of previously released songs.


Track Listing

1. The English Dance (Trad./Arr Renbourn) from EDCD527
2. Variations On My Lady Carey's Dompe (Renbourn) from EDCD543
3. The Maid On The Shore (Trad./Arr Renbourn/McShee/Roberts/Draheim/Molineux) from EDCD472
4. New Nothynge (Trad./Arr Renbourn) from EDCD543
5. The Moon Shines Bright (Trad./Arr Renbourn) from EDCD527
6. John Barleycorn (Trad./Arr Renbourn/Roberts/McShee/Draheim/Sathe) from EDCD472
7. The Black Balloon (Trad./Arr Renbourn) from EDCD527
8. Circle Dance (Renbourn) from EDCD543
9. The Nine Maidens (Renbourn) from EDCD543
10. Medley : Clarsach
11. The Nine Maidens
12. The Fiddler
13. Floating Stone (Renbourn) from EDCD490
14. Bourrée I & II (Vallet/Arr. Renbourn) from EDCD527
15. Sidi Brahim (Renbourn/Roberts/Sathe) from EDCD472
16 O Death (Renbourn)from EDCD490

John Renbourn - Guitar, Vocals

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