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Demon TRANDEM6 (1989)



Album available as:-
(Demon TRANDEM6)


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Track Listing

1. Earle Of Salisbury (Byrd)
2. Trotto
3. Saltarello
4. Veri Floris
5. Triple Ballade
6. Bransle Gay
7. Bransle De Bourgogne
8. Alman
9. Melancholy Galliard
10. Westron Wynde
11. Lamento Di Tristan
12. La Rotta
13. Sarabande
14. Shaeffertanz (Renbourn)
15. Lady Nothinge's Toye Puffe (Renbourn)
16. Lady Goes To Church (Renbourn)
17. Lady And The Unicorn
18. Pavanne
19. A Toye
20. Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home



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