John Renbourn & Stefan Grossman
Kicking Mule KM139 (1978)

Album available as:-
(Kicking Mule KM139)

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Track Listing

1. Snap a Little Owl (Grossman/Renbourn)

2. Bermuda Triangle Exit (Grossman)
3. Theme from Charles Mingus
4. Shoes of the Fisherman's Wife
5. Luckett Sunday (Renbourn)
6. Why a Duck (Grossman/Renbourn)
7. The Drifter (Grossman/Renbourn)
8. Looper's Corner (Grossman/Renbourn)
9. Luke's Little Summer (Renbourn)
10. Spirit Levels (Grossman/Renbourn)
11. The Way She Walks (Grossman)
12. Woman from Donori (Grossman/Renbourn)

John Renbourn - Acoustic Guitar
Stefan Grossman - Acoustic and Electric Guitar


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