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Solid Air Classics Revisited
Permanent Records SMDCD441 (2002)

Solid Air Classics Revisited

Album available as:-
(Permanent Records SMDCD441)

Another best of release. Marketing in full effect.

Track Listing:

1. Look At That Girl (J. Martyn)
2. Income Town (J. Martyn)
3. Send Me One Line (J. Martyn)
4. Deny This Love (J. Martyn)
5. The Apprentice (J. Martyn)
6. Ways To Cry (J. Martyn)
7. Head And Heart (J. Martyn)
8. Sundays Child (J.Martyn)
9. One Day Without You (J.Martyn)
10. Just Now (J.Martyn)
11. Don't Want To Know (J.Martyn)
12. Fine Lines (J.Martyn)
13. One World (J.Martyn)
14. Rock Salt and Nails (B.Phillips)

1. Couldn't Love You More (J. Martyn)
2. Sweet Little Mystery ( J.Martyn)
3. Over The Hill (J. Martyn)
4. May You Never (J. Martyn)
5. Angeline (J. Martyn)
6. Man In The Station (J. Martyn)
7. Solid Air (J. Martyn)
8. Bless The Weather (J.Martyn)
9. Johnny Too Bad (Bailey/Beckford/Crooks/Wilson additional J. Martyn)
10. Sapphire (J. Martyn)
11. Fisherman's Dream (J. Martyn)
12. Big Muff ( J.Martyn /L. Perry)
13. The Easy Blues (Morton)
14. Dealer (J.Martyn)

John Martyn - Guitar, Vocals






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