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The Brewery Arts Centre Kendale
Voice Print Records OW115CD (2001)

The Brewery Arts Centre Kendale

Album available as:-
(One World OW115CD)

Another excellent release from Voiceprint Records (OW115CD) to partner Germany 1986. Arran Ahmun joins John and Danny for this gig which was one of his first gigs with John since which he has become the mainstay of John's band and one of the most talented and professional drummers in the world today. The songs are not as long as on the Germany release but there are more of them! A great version of Johnny Too Bad and Lookin' On which are given the 'acoustic treatment' in total contrast to the original versions on Grace and Danger. Arran brings a different dimension to the concert. Another 8 page booklet with liner notes and some great period photographs from Ben Whitney make this a very nice release.

- John Hillarby (The John Martyn Website)

Track Listing:

1. One Day Without You (Martyn)
2. Solid Air (Martyn)
3. Sweet Little Mystery (Martyn)
4. Bless The Weather (Martyn)
5. Beverley (Martyn)
6. Make No Mistake (Martyn)
7. Dealer (Martyn)
8. Outside In (Martyn)
9. Spencer The Rover (traditional arranged Martyn)
10. The Easy Blues (Morton)
11. Man In The Station (Martyn)
12. Angeline (Martyn)
13. Lookin' On (Martyn)
14. Johnny Too Bad (Slickers)
15. One World (Martyn)
16. May You Never (Martyn)
17. Over The Hill (Martyn)

John Martyn - Guitar, Vocals






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