Rosemary Lane
Earmark EAR42018 (2004)

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Earmark EAR42018

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Earmark is a joint venture between Sanctuary Records Group and Get Back Records of Italy. These are re-issues on 180g vinyl with original artwork restored.

Although rated very highly by many Jansch fans, Rosemary Lane isn't quite as striking as his best albums of the '60s. It's more of a delivery of all the attributes listeners had come to expect of him by 1971 - excellent acoustic guitar work, imaginative interpretations of traditional material and well-constructed originals in the same vein, and committed vocals - than a step forward, or even sideways. It's perhaps one of his more low-key efforts, both in the sparse arrangements and the subdued tone. It's certainly a worthy effort on its own terms, even if it's largely a restatement of already visited themes.

- Richie Unterberger (AMG)



Track Listing

1. Tell Me What is True Love? (Jansch) 1:57
2. Rosemary Lane (Traditional arranged, Jansch) 4:06
3. M'lady Nancy (Jansch) 2:34
4. A Dream, a Dream, a Dream (Jansch) 2:39
5. Alman (Johnson) 1:22
6. Wayward Child (Jansch) 2:03
7. Nobody's Bar (Jansch) 3:00
8. Reynardine (Traditional arranged, Jansch) 5:30
9. Silly Woman (Jansch) 3:17
10. Peregrinations (Jansch) 1:47
11. Sylvie (Traditional arranged, Jansch) 4:33
12. Sarabanda (Correlli) 1:34
13. Bird Song (Bert Jansch) 3:00

Bert Jansch - Guitar, Banjo & Vocals


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