Dazzling Stranger
Castle Music CMEDD 009 (2000)

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(Castle Music CMEDD 009)

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There is also a book writen by Collin Harper titled "Dazzling Stranger - Bert Jansch And The Britsh Folk and Blues Revival" A good read. A biography of Bert's music and the Folk scene in London during 1960's.

Track Listing


Strolling Down The Highway (TRA125)
Angie (TRA125)
Running From Home (TRA125)
Needle of Death (TRA125)
It Don't Bother Me (TRA132)
Lucky Thirteen (TRA132)
Blackwaterside (TRA143)
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (TRA143)
Soho (TRA144)
Rabbit Run (TRA157)
Woe Is Love My Dear (TRA157)
Bells (TRA162)
Wishing Well (TRA179)
Poison (TRA179)
I Am Lonely (TRA179)
Train Song (TRA205)
Nobody's Bar (TRA235)
The January Man (REPRISE K44225)
Reynardine (TRA235)
Rosemary Lane (TRA235)
When I Get Home (TRA240)
Oh My Father (REPRISE K44225)


Fresh As A Sweet Sunday Morning (CAS1090)
Lost And Gone (CAS1107)
The Blacksmith (CAS1090)
Chambertin (CAS1090)
You Are My Sunshine (CAS1107)
Blues Run The Game (CAS1107)
One To A Hundred (CAS1127)
Sweet Mother Earth (SONET SNTF)
Where Did My Life Go? (SONET SNTF)
Blackbird In The Morning (HYCD 200 128)
Playing The Game (CRL 002)
Is It Real? (CRL 002)
Lady Fair (RRA 0012)
The Old Routine (TP 035)
Three Dreamers (RRA 0012)
The Ornament Tree (RRA 0012)
Summer Heat (COOK CD 092)
Morning Brings Peace Of Mind (COOK CD 092)
Carnival (COOK CD 138)
Toy Balloon (COOK CD 138)
Looking For Love (WENCD 211)
October Song (WENCD 211)

Bert Jansch - Guitar, Vocals


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