Crimson Moon
Castle Communications WENCD211 (2000)

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(Castle Communications WENCD211)

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Jansch has teamed up with musicians Jonny Marr, and Burnard Buttler on a few of the tracks. Loren Jansch (now married to Bert) shows up again, luckily only on one track, but it's a pity because it's a classic song by Owen Hand (a friend of Bert's from the old Howff days) and Loren voice is not best suited. The rest of the songs have that typical Jansch flavor, especially track 8. There is also a bonus CD with recording from his early Transatlantic days.

Track Listing

1. Caledonia (Jansch) 04:48
2. Going Home (Jansch) 03:12
3. Crimson Moon (Jansch) 05:26
4. Down Under (Jansch) 02:53
5. October Song (Williamson) 03:41
6. Looking For Love (Jansch) 04:25
7. Fool's Mate (Jansch) 06:59

8. The River Bank (Jansch) 02:52
9. Omie Wise (Traditional arranged, Jansch) 05:01
10. My Donald (Hand) 04:04
11. Neptune's Daughter (Jansch) 03:21
12. Singing The Blues (Endsley) 02:17

Bonus CD

Strolling Down The Highway (TRA 125)
Needle of Death (TRA 125)
It Don't Bother Me (TRA 132)
Lucky Thirteen (TRA 132)
Blackwaterside (TRA 143)
The First Time Ever (TRA 143)
Rabbit Run (TRA 157)
Woe is Love My Dear (TRA 157)
Nobody's Bar (TRA 235)
Rosemary Lane (TRA 235)

Bert Jansch - Guitar, Vocal
Loren Jansch - Vocal on Track 10
Bernard Buttler - Electric Guitar on Tracks 3, 7, 8, 9, Slide Guitar On Track 7
Jonny Marr - Acoustic Guitar on Tracks 7, 10, Backing Vocals on Tracks 6,8, Harmomica on Track 8
Adam Jansch - Bass on Tracks 2, 3
Makoto Sakamoto - Drums on Tracks 1, 3, 6,7,8
Jonny Hodge - Acoustic Guitar on Track 4, Harmonica on Track 12

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