Bert Jansch / Jack Orion
Demon TDEMCD14 (1993)

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(Demon TDEMCD14)

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These albums are reviewed on their own pages. This compilation suffers from a very uneven sound level detracting from what is otherwise a tremendous selection of Jansch music. In these early days Jansch was easily capable of writing songs of the same calibre as Bob Dylan if in a different genre. Sadly this seemed to fade in time.


Track Listing

1. Strolling Down The Highway (Jansch) 03:03
2. Smokey River (Jansch) 02:53
3. Oh How Your Love Is Strong (Jansch) 03:35
4. I Have No Time (Jansch) 03:06
5. Finches (Jansch) 00:47
6. Rambling's Gonna Be The Death (Jansch) 03:15
7. Veronica (Jansch) 01:29
8. Needle Of Death (Jansch) 03:17
9. Do You Hear Me Now (Jansch) 02:03
10. Alices Wonderland (Jansch) 01:44
11. Running From Home (Jansch) 02:22
12. Courting Blues (Jansch) 03:58
13. Casbah (Jansch) 02:08
14. Dreams Of Love (Jansch) 01:41
15. Anji (Graham) 03:10
16. The Waggoner's Lad (Traditional arranged, Jansch) 03:26
17. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (McColl) 01:43
18. Jack Orion (Traditional arranged, Jansch) 09:52
19. The Gardener (Traditional arranged, Jansch) 01:44
20. Nottamun Town (Traditional arranged, Jansch) 04:33
21. Henry Martin (Traditional arranged, Jansch) 03:11
22. Black Water Side (Traditional arranged, Jansch) 03:47
23. Pretty Polly (Traditional arranged, Jansch) 04:03

Bert Jansch - Guitar, Vocals


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