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The Death Of God
Science Friction HUCD038 (2005)

The Death Of God

Album available as:-
(Science Friction HUCD038)

Tongue in cheek? But how can it be? Our famous leader took us into an illegal war and killed thousands of children. Was that cool? Or was it all just a myth? Can he now lie to you about the economy, schools, hospitals, human rights and everything else? Of course he can. He's done it all before. We've all been there before. Do we have any option? Well... no. Only to vote tactically. Five separate stories rolled into one. The emigrant, the soldier, the bomber, the leader, and "God!" Dark satire.. all of it.

-Roy Harper

Track Listing:

1. The Death Of God (Harper)
2. The Death Of God Radio Edit (Harper)

Roy Harper: Guitar & Vocals.






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