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Science Friction HUCD029 (1997)

Album available as:-
(Science Friction HUCD029)

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Track Listing

1. First Thing In The Morning
2. Blow By Blow
3. The Spirit Lives
4. Lunchtime Sandwhich Secretaries
5. November
6. The Arty Fartique (The Critic)
7. Bad Speech 2
8. Timelords In The Frost
9. Angel Of The Night
10. Hidden By Numbers
11. Hole In The Sky
12. Overnight Success
13. Nero
14. Clones
15. Constant Sorrow
16. BUPA
17. Extreme Middle Age
18. The Night Aglow
19. Filthy Stain Hussein
20. Your Tongue In Their Cheeks
21. Commune
22. Tel
23. Descendants Of Smith
24. Our Father
25. Crystal Shoes
26. The Afternoon Sun
27. The Unknown
28. And Yet
29. Auto Farrier
30. Ere Winter Ends
31. Ghost Dance

32. Pinches Of Salt
33. The Song That Never Ends
34. Love Me

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