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The BBC Tapes - Volume 1
Science Friction HUCD022 (1997)

The BBC Tapes Volume 1

Album available as:-
(Science Friction HUCD022)

The BBC Tapes Volume 1: Top Gear 1969/1970, Bob Harris 1973, In Concert 1971

There is continuing interest in the BBC Tapes because they represent songs played live, often with different musicians than were on the original records. Some people prefer to listen to live stuff. Perhaps it's because they're all first takes and often more basic. These volumes are a collection of sessions and concerts from the BBC archives spreading over the period of 1969 to 1978.

- Roy Harper

Track Listing:

1. Francesca
2. Hell's Angels
3. She's The One
4. I Hate The White Man
5. It's Tomorrow And Today Is Yesterday
6. Don't You Grieve
7. I Hate The White Man
8. North Country
9. Forever
10. Twelve Hours Of Sunset
11. South Africa
12. Little Lady
13. All Ireland
14. Hors D'oeuvres
15. One Man Rock And Roll Band
16. The Same Old Rock
17. Kangaroo Blues

Roy Harper - Guitar, Vocals






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