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Live At Les Cousins
Blueprint BP220CD (1996)

Live At Les Cousins

Album available as:-
(Blueprint BP220CD)

Recorded in a little smoky club known as Les Cousins, August 30th 1969, Soho London. To my knowledge these are the only recordings from this venue. Considering it hosted many famous artists like Jansch, Renbourn, Graham and Frank. That night EMI had brought all their portable recording equipment down to record the gig because Harper felt one of his songs "I Hate The White Man" needed to be recorded live (for his new album) where it all started, to capture the full essence, later only one track (I Hate The White Man) was included on his "Flat Baroque And Bersek" album. The rest of the tapes would sit in the archives of EMI for another 30 odd years. Only four reels of tape where found in the depths of the EMI archives, a shame because they recorded the entire night. This double album includes Roy's commentary during the songs. A trip back in time for all the people like myself who missed the gigs at Les Cousins.


Track Listing:

CD 1

1. You Don't Need Money
2. North Country
3. Hors D'ouvres (Harper)
4. Black Pool (Harper)
5. She's The One (Take 1) (Harper)
6. She's The One (Take 2) (Harper)
7. Gold Fish (Harper)
8. East Of The Sun (Harper)

CD 2

9. McGoohan's Blues (Harper)
10. Feeling All The Saturday (Harper)
11. Zengem (Harper)
12. Che (Harper)
13. Davey (Harper)
14. I Hate The White Man (Harper)
15. Goodbye (Harper)
16. Tom Tiddler's Ground (Edit) (Harper)


Roy Harper - Guitar & Vocals






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