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Chrysalis CHR1163 (1978)


Album available as:-
(Science Friction HUCD015)

Valentine' is a collection of the smaller works that were written during the 'Stormcock' - 'Lifemask' era. It is a balanced record with contributions from Jimmy Page, Keith Moon, Pete Sears and Max Middleton, with orchestral arrangements by David Bedford.
The record has a pastoral feel in parts and I am still to be found singing many of the songs in my current live performances. David Bedford turned 'Twelve Hours of Sunset' into an instrumental with choir that he arranged for the 'Proms', at the Royal Albert Hall.
I never seemed to get the sleeve right. So far, I think that the original is best.

- Roy Harper

Includes "Male Chauvinist Pig Blues" and "Magic Woman (Liberation Reshuffle)," which are dedicated to Harper's mates in Led Zeppelin.

— Michael G. Nastos (AMG)

Track Listing:

1. Forbidden Fruit (Harper) - 2:34
2. Male Chauvinist Pig Blues (Harper) - 3:36
3. I'll See You Again (Harper) - 4:57
4. Twelve Hours of Sunset (Harper) - 5:06
5. Acapulco Gold (Harper) - 4:05
6. Commune (Harper) - 4:34
7. Magic Woman Liberation Reshuffle [Liberation Reshuffle] (Harper) - 6:36
8. Che - 3:03
9. North Country (Harper) - 4:35
10. Forever (Harper) - 2:52
11. Home - 3:09
12. Too Many Movies - 6:35
13. Home - 6:10

Roy Harper - Guitar & Vocals






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