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An Introduction To Roy Harper
Chrysalis CHR1105 (1976)

An Introduction To Roy Harper

Album available as:-
(Griffen Music 234)

This was never meant to be a 'best of' just an inexpensive introduction, a collection of various styles and periods. It is purely intended for people who may not know where to start.

- Roy Harper

Track Listing:

1. Legend (Harper)
2. She's the One (Harper)
3. Tom Tiddler's Ground (Harper)
4. Highway Blues (Harper)
5. Che
6. Hallucinating Light (Harper)
7. One of Those Days in England (Harper)
8. You (Harper)
9. Nineteen Forty-Eightish (Harper)
10. Pinches of Salt
11. Ghost Dance
12. The Tallest Tree (Harper)
13. Miles Remains (Harper)

Roy Harper - Guitar & Vocals






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