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All That Moody
Eron LP007

All That Moody - Davy Graham

Album available as:-
(Rollercoaster RCCD3022)

T his album could probably be called "The Complete Davey Graham" since it includes a few numbers, which earned him international fame on earlier (now deleted) albums and which his fans have urged him to reissue. However, Davey has revised those few earlier tracks so they should prove of much interest to those who still own some of the old albums, as will his later works, which many may not have heard before. Davey plays guitar and finger cymbals; Keshav Sathe accompanies on some tracks playing tabla and tamura; Roger Burn plays bass.

- Ron Milner (Original sleeve notes 1976)


Track Listing:

1. Anji (Graham) - 1:26
Roger suggested we do this with bass. We hope you like it.

2. La Morena (Graham) - 4:42
From fragments, some learned from Felicity's American, Chris, who was in Edinburgh in '62. The rest from Spain - at the time it reminded me of Wyn, my mother, who was black-haired and dark skinned like Dusky, her sister.

3. Travelling Man (Graham) - 1:57
My attempt to write a 'pop song'! (Never tried again)

4. Sunshine Raga (Graham) - 3:46
Inspired by a jugalbandi of Pandit Ravi Shankar and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. In the Bhilawal mode (I think)

5. A Smoother One (Goodman) - 2:12
One of our Qabhlah group said it reminded him of the words "Eli poked us in the middle" ("Fred" was always doing that with jazz tunes)

6. Kim (Graham) - 2:24
My attempt at a piece in 7/4 with 4/4 middle. My justification is that I had not then heard enough bouzouki. Also for my daughter who was named after having seem the film with Dean Stockwell from Kipling's work. Had she been a boy we'd not have changed her name.

7. Jenra (Graham) - 2:04
After my first visit to Morocco I wanted a piece in a triple rhythm, which is so common there among Berber musicians.

8. No Preacher (Graham) - 2:37
A little irreverence (from a young man).

9. To Find The Sun (Graham) - 2:23
I was looking for a tune to one of Shakespear's sonnets (with little musical experience) one cold winter on the Grove. Now we all have Carnival in July.

10. Tristano (Graham) - 3:38
After the late great Lennie Tristano. Probably today, Keith Jarrett is what I would mean about a tremendous horizon at the piano. Fortunately Roger Bunn is rather good on jazz guitar chords - "Roger, how do your hands do that?"

11. Blues For Geno (Graham) - 3:05
(Was miss-titled Blues At Genos on the original Eron album) The later Geno Foreman was as good on blues piano as he was at blues guitar. As you can tell, I love "Snooks" Eaglin, too.

12. Fingerbuster (Graham) - 1:53
Learned from Geno, with some of me. Davis used to play it; it closely resembles "Little Rock Getaway" and Ivor Mairants's "Spirit of New Orleans" Ivor's book. "My Fretting Years" is a good read.

13. Blue Raga (Graham) - 4:38
The great Afghan musician Essa Kassimi, with Qadir Darwesh on tabla, have a fine version of this, Bairami mode.


Davey Graham – Guitar & Vocals






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