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3/4 AD
Topic Records Top70 (1962)

3/4 AD - Davy Graham3/4 AD - Davy Graham3/4 AD - Davy Graham

Album available as:-

Graham's first EP released in 1962 with Alexis Korner which, contains the imortal "Angi". If your one of those lucky people that own a copy you'll be please to know that I've seen it listed for as much as £90 in some record stores. Expensive and hard to find like most of Graham's earlier LP's. The tracks were re-released as extras on "The Guitar Player Plus".

Track Listing:

1. Angi (Graham) - 2:27
2. Davy's Train Blues (Graham) - 3:06
3. 3/4 A.D. (Graham/Korner) - 4:39

Davy Graham - Guitar
Alexis Korner - Guitar






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