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Blues Run The Game
Mooncrest CRESCD 021 (1996)

Album available as:-
(Castle Music CMRCD 366)

(Reissue of Columbia 33SX 1788)

Released in 1996 on the Mooncrest label this includes the original songs from Jackson first album plus 5 bonus track recorded in 1975 which, I guess were heading for another record but alas Jackson never did get around to finishing it.


When Jackson's album was released it was enthusiastically receieved by the folk community and media. John Peel, a BBC radio DJ, played it so many times on his radio shows and got so many requests from it that he invited Jackson to his studio to do a live radio broadcast. Jackson also made numerous appearances on television promoting songs from the album, and soon he was a famiular figure in most of the large clubs and coffeehouses throughout the United Kingdom. It seemed Jackson star was burning bright and that his future in music was assured.

- T.J. McGrath


Track Listing:

1 Blues Run The Game (Frank) 3:34
2 Don't Look Back (Frank) 3:01
3 Kimble (Trad. Arr: Frank) 3:19
4 Yellow Walls (Frank) 3:01
5 Here Come The Blues (Frank) 4:04
6 Milk And Honey (Frank) 3:41
7 My Name Is Carnival (Frank) 3:47
8 Dialogue (Frank) 3:20
9 Just Like Anything (Frank) 2:26
10 You Never Wanted Me (Frank) 3:12
11 Marlene (Jackson) 4:49 *
12 Marcy's Song (Jackson) 4:22 *
13 The Visit (Jackson) 4:48 *
14 Prima Donna Of Swans (Jackson) 5:06 *
15 Relations (Jackson) 3:48 *


* Bonus Tracks From 1975

Jackson C Frank - Guitar, Vocals
Al Stewart - Lead Guitar track 4






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