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Time Has Told Me
NRD NRD001CD (2004)

Album available as:-

Features 44 exclusive tracks transferred from original copies of Nicholas Rodney Drake's home tapes. Expertly equalised and mastered using noise reduction and speed correction. Legendary Nick Drake aficionado Scott Appel released his extensive Nick Drake recordings for release during Autumn 2001. Due to the limited original pressing selling out exceptionally quick, we have repressed it on heavyweight 180gm vinyl and on CD for the first time. Features material recorded at The Music Room, Far Leys, Tanworth In Arden, 1967 1968. Island demos for "Five Leaves Left" arranged by Richard Hewson and engineered by John Wood. These are the legendary rejected arrangements (rumoured not to exist) recorded at Sound Techniques, Chelsea, London. Between July 1968 and late 1968. The much sought after Brian Wells tape, Hampstead, London, 1969. Nick Drake's personal Work Tape probably recorded between 1968 /1969. This chaotic section of the home tapes has been much recorded over. For documentary reasons we have edited nothing out. The final session engineered by John Wood at Sound Techniques, Chelsea, London February or July 1974. Again, much debated whether or not Nick Drake was well enough to sing and play at the same time; this tape proves he wasn't.

Track Listing:


1. Get Together (Dino Valente) 1:59
2. Been Smoking Too Long (Robin Frederick) 2:12
3. Don't Think Twice It's All Right (Bob Dylan) 2:21
4. If You Leave Me Pretty Mama (Traditional) 2:01
5. Courting Blues (Bert Jansch) 2:32
6. My Sugar So Sweet (Blind Boy Fuller) 1:49
7. Strolling Down The Highway (Bert Jansch) 3:06
8. Blues Run The Game (Jackson C Frank) 2:23
9. Winter Is Gone (Traditional) 2:39
10. Here Come The Blues (Jackson C Frank) 3:47
11. All My Trails (Traditional - Duet with Gabrielle Drake) 1:51
12. Tomorrow Is Such A Long Time (Bob Dylan) 3:21
13. Cocaine Blues (Luke Jordan) 2:05
14. Milk And Honey (Jackson C Frank) 2:52
15. Summertime (George Gershwin DuBose Heyward) 1:34


1. Black Mountain Blues (J. C. Johnson or H. Cole) 2:36
2. Nick's Monologue 3:12/ Strange Meeting I
3. Bird Flew By 2:50
4. To The Garden 1:52
5. Joey 5:09
6. Rain 3:10
7. Blossom 2:36
8. Time Has Told Me 4:06
9. Saturday Sun (First take) 2:52
10. Thoughts Of Mary Jane (Arranged By Richard Hewson) 3:56
11. Day Is Done (Arranged By Richard Hewson) 3:15
12. Fly (Second take) 2:53


1. Place To Be 2:51
2. Hazey Jane I 4:48
3. Parasite (First take) 4:12
4. Parasite (Second take) 4:09
5. Brittle Days I 1:17
6. Brittle Days II 1:01
7. Poor Boy 3:23
8. Time Has Told Me 1:16
9. Work In Progress 3 0:41
10. Voice From The Mountain 0:27
11. Brittle Days III (Variation) 1:44
12. Far Leys 3:29
13. Brittle Days III 2:10
14. Work In Progress 7 0:28
15. Impromptu Sound Check 3:17
16. Black Eyed Dog (Guitar Track, alternate take) 3:20
17. Rider On The Wheel (Guitar track) 2:33

Nick Drake - Guitar & Vocals






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